Pakistan offers one of the best medicine degrees in the world. The MBBS program (Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery) takes 5 years to complete. To get this degree one can opt to go to a public or private medical college depending on his or her credentials. 

Admission Requirements

Admission criteria for both college types is different. Future College prospects for local, foreign and overseas Pakistanis are different due to reserved seats, IBCC Equivalency and different entrance exam choices involved . One must do proper research before hand to determine what he/she is eligible for to increase their chances of getting into medical school.

These days most colleges are switching to the semester/module system which is similar to what is being offered internationally and are in the process of phasing out the annual system.

Students that have passed Fsc, A-Levels, IB, High School or any equivalent course must have a minimum aggregate score of 60%. All non-fsc students have to get their equivalency from IBCC, who subtract a percentage from your final score.


Secondly, an entrance exam must be taken to score a seat. Provinces have different MCATs/entrance exams for colleges that come in their category and different institutions are responsible for carrying them out. For example most colleges in Punjab(Not all of them) accept MCAT taken by University of Health Sciences. Some colleges and universities have their own aptitude and entrance test. Foreign Students can take SAT2 for physics, chemistry and biology in place of the entrance exam.

Foreign Students

International Students and Overseas Pakistanis can get entrance into a Public medical college through multiple programs offered by HEC. One program is free and another has a competitive annual fee to paid in dollars. Details can be found on the HEC website. Besides that they can score a seat in Private medical colleges by paying a little extra.

Don’t Give Up So Easily!

So there isn’t one straight path to get into medical college. Therefore, it is essential you analyze your credentials and start making a list of requirements of different colleges in Pakistan. Students that were unsuccessful in getting into a medical college in one province should try their luck in another one.

Medical Colleges in Pakistan